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Club Contacts 2019


Brian Binns

Membership Secretary 

Phillip Stanley


Simon McDonald

Club Events Co-ordinator 

Darren Checkersfield

Club Events Assistant

Karen Coleman

Show Co-ordinator 


Webmistress/Newsletter Editor 

Clare Denness

The KVWK is a non-profit club and all the Committee Members are unpaid volunteers, who devote their time for the benefit of the Kentish V Dub Klub.  Please understand if a problem occurs for individual members or as a group the club will respond to it.  Remember the committee are doing it in their free time.  Without them there wouldn’t be a club. 

Please note any offensive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated towards the committee and to its members.  This could lead to a life time ban from the club.

If you have any queries or complaints please email the correct contact and Cc the Chairman into the email so it is dealt with swiftly.