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Latest news 5th January 2019 – New updated

Keeping you up to date with news for the club.

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7th February 2019 – KVWK Club Meet

Please call back for further events

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Kentish V-Dub Klub has a great selection of clothing garments from sweatshirts, hoodies, t shirts, polo shirts and various other merchandise products that you can purchase.

Get your merchandise today !

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WELCOME v-dubbers!

We are a Kent based Volkswagen enthusiasts club.

We meet every first Thursday of the month for friendly informal chat, to share experiences and swap stories about all things VW, as well as life in general – so please come along to our VW club, join in and make some new friends.

Kentish V-Dub Klub originally started in Sevenoaks and has now been running for 25 years expanding and growing each year with more members.


£15 per Year
  • Join today and reap in the rewards of being in such a fun growing club.
  • Benefit from discounts – insurance, vehicle parts and events.
  • Events organised by the committee for just the club members and families.
  • A great way to meet like minded people and make new friendships.
  • Meet people on club meets who you can get advice from or steer you in the right direction.

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